Solutions for corporate training in Automation and Information Technology

We design and carry out training activities with a technological content aimed at institutions and companies. In particular, we collaborate with the major manufacturers of automation components and systems for the provision of modular company courses offered in nationally distributed catalogs.

Furthermore, in collaboration with institutional partners, we take care of training courses for post-graduate training activities and for the dissemination of technical culture in the area.

Strengthened by the integration with the operating divisions of the group, we bring the experience gained “in the field” back into training activities. The engineered solutions, the applications created and the technological innovations adopted in the automation and information technology projects are reported in the learning processes by integrating the course activity with high-profile content and concrete references to industrial reality.

Topics proposed in the training activities:

  • Programming environments;
  • Control system languages;
  • Diagnosis and maintenance techniques and methods;
  • Design and configuration of data networks;
  • Positioning and adjustment;
  • Design of supervisory and process control systems;
  • High level programming languages (.NET, C #,…).

Types of intervention

  • Modular courses

Permanent training for company personnel of all levels on Automation and Industrial IT. They are short and intense courses available with inter-company modules on catalogues with a fixed calendar or with customized business modules.

  • Training plans

Articulated training projects that accompany processes of organizational change and adaptation / reconversion of professional figures or strong integration of skills of company resources. The interventions are designed starting from the objectives indicated by the company, the initial situation of the participants and the logistical and planning constraints.

  • Seminars and Workshops

Short-term interventions, 1 or 2 days, which can affect all company levels. Typically, they are oriented to:
– present a specific product / process or a particular technique;
– introduce / raise awareness on a topic or a thematic area;
– provide an overview of the state of the art of a technology, types of products / processes or intervention techniques.

  • Dedicated interventions

Training projects oriented to specific technologies, processes and applications of the client. The training plan may contain references to general or preparatory topics, but is strongly centred on the specificities of the client. Normally these interventions require preliminary analysis and consultancy activities (process analysis, reverse engineering, etc.).

In addition, the following services are available:

  • Design of courseware and teaching materials;
  • Realization of interactive courses, e-learning and distance learning;
  • Translation and revision of sector technical documentation in the most popular languages.
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