Pharma, Chemical and Food (PCF)

Pharma Chemical and Food (PCF)

The Pharma, Chemical and Food (PCF) division designs and manufactures hardware and software systems for automation in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries with:

  • Batch plants
    • Active substances
    • Synthetic intermediates
    • Pharmaceutical preparations for dermatology
    • Cosmetic preparations
    • Phytosanitary and disinfectant products
    • Wine and beer industries
    • Special polymers
    • Chemical intermediates
  • Continuous systems
    • Electrochemical processes
    • Liquid or gas distribution systems
    • Dryers
  • Automation for Skids
  • Automatic sanitation systems (CIP / SIP)

PCF offers systems integration on different PLC + SCADA and DCS platforms, consulting services, drafting of user requirements (URS), validation plans (VP), realization of technical specifications (SDS, FDS and HDS), test protocols (FAT and SAT) and installation (IQ) and operational (OQ) qualification protocols.

Provides the services of:

  • Loop tuning and optimization
  • Creation of customized production reports
  • Implementation and validation in compliance with GMP guidelines
  • Virtualization of SCADA systems
  • Consultancy in the creation of secure industrial networks (risk reduction of cyber attacks)
  • Upgrade of obsolete plants (life cycle extension and value increase)

Digital twins of the process and virtual commissioning allow our customers to reduce commissioning times and expand the possibility of testing for new products or new processes.

The upgrade services of obsolete plants with the virtualization techniques of supervisory systems extend the life cycle of industrial plants and increase their value; building secure industrial networks reduces the risk of cyber attacks.

The Process Control System Specialist certification on SIMATIC PCS7 confirmed every year since 2007 and the specific knowledge of the sector libraries (Simatic Batch, Route Control, etc.) guarantee complete reliability in the solutions created.

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