MES – Manufacturing Execution System

MES – Manufacturing Execution System

MES suite for industry 4.0

SMARTWORKS is the powerful, flexible and efficient software solution for the modern factory, the Smart Factory 4.0.

Thanks to its modular structure, it adapts perfectly to any production process, combining power and speed in the management of automatic systems with an innovative user experience that makes assembly and manual assembly operations easy and intuitive.

The main features of the suite

Efficiency related to time
Real-time detection and processing of downtime and production speed of the line for a constant analysis of performance.

Optimization of times and resources
Modelling of the cycles and processing phases necessary for the realization of the different types of production processes.

Storage of production data collected directly online and complete traceability of batches in relation to orders and processes.

Plc – machines – software integration
Complete and native integration with all information systems (ERP, Schedulers, etc.).


STOP to production orders and paper processing sheets.
The INTEGRATION with the machines (PLC and IoT) eliminates the setting times of the lines when changing the order.
TRACEABILITY is complete and the quality of the product also benefits.
The GRAPHIC DASHBOARDS present a constant analysis of production and OEE indicators.


Supporting operators throughout the processing cycle, even on the move, using tablets and terminals. Integration with machines, PLCs and IoT eliminates the time required for setting up the lines when changing orders.

Simplifying manual assembly, assembly and packaging processes.

Presenting through an easy, fast and intuitive web platform.

Allows the monitoring of the production level of the machines and the efficiency of the operators.

The SMARTWORKS analytics module

The use of a MES allows the collection of a lot of data from the factory; however, a good MES must be able to make them easily accessible and interpretable.
This is why we decided to create the SMARTWORKS Analytics module which has the “vocation” to make what is apparently complex simple and understandable.
To do this, we have relied on all the experience of our research team and we have created a specific tool that, through data processing, normalization and correlation algorithms, builds a “precious” layer ready to be enhanced and made usable through the use of modern graphics components.
This will be the indispensable tool for management who will finally have what it takes to face complicated decisions in a more conscious way.
It will also be very useful in production to present real-time, directly in production, the performance of production KPIs, for example through the parameters of OEE, actual rate and target rate.
Finally, it can be an excellent ally for the predictive maintenance of machines and systems.utenzione predittiva di macchine e impianti.

Sectors where SMARTWORKS is used




Food & beverage


It is also in cloud

The SMARTWORKS Suite is also available in the cloud; by choosing this new technology, companies have the advantage of not having to think about the creation of dedicated hardware infrastructures.
To immediately enjoy the benefits of a true MES 4.0 you need a simple internet connection.


Today we have a real-time survey of our production from which we get all the data to work on production efficiency, quality improvement and also on simple and effective predictive maintenance”.

Massimo Marchi, CEO di Marchi & Fildi

SMARTWORKS is a real MES 4.0, it assists operators in all assembly phases and we have no more errors! Everything is traced and for each product we know its components and assembly data, including testing”.

Isidoro Casteltrione, Innovation Manager

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