MES packaging system

The company

Contadi Castaldi is one of the leading Italian companies in Franciacorta, an area renowned internationally for the quality of its wines. The company was founded at the end of the 80s in Adro (BS), where the cellar and factory still reside. It is part of the Terra Moretti group owned by Vittorio Moretti, which includes companies such as Bellavista, Teruzzi & Puthod, Petra and Acquagiusta-Badiola.

The needs

The ever-increasing demand and the consequent increase in the amount of work has led Contadi Castaldi to produce more efficiently and more consistently.
In particular, the need was to interconnect the order management system with the production line machines in order to have an almost completely automatic line. As far as tracking is concerned, however, the need was to be able to precisely trace the bottles and boxes produced in order to have greater quality control but above all to ensure the supply of the correct number of bottles requested in the order.

The solution

The solution implemented manages production orders and packaging traceability through a simple and intuitive interface, so as to make the production line autonomous and linked to the customer’s management software.
The SMARTWORKS application has integration as its focal point, it is in fact completely interconnected to the production line for immediate and smart communication.
Automatic communication with production machines allows you to send desired presets at any time and receive important production and diagnostic information from all machines in the line. The adopted approach also foresees the integration between the application and the barcode reading devices. This synergy makes it possible to effectively supervise and trace all the phases related to the production and packaging of the bottles/boxes.

The benefits

  • Production and efficiency increased by 30%
  • Complete and reliable traceability of boxes/bottles;
  • Reduction of qualified manpower;
  • Elimination of errors;
  • Timely identification of problems.

Contadi Castaldi s.r.l.

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